Monday, 17 May 2010

Long Necklace

No blogging for nearly two months and then I come along with two posts in one day!

Inspired by cells, lichen, moss, biology, geology and water.
Made from silver, resin, mother of pearl, gold foil, glass fragments, pearls, glass beads, semi-precious stones and a tiny dot of gold.

Hello again...

When I started this blog I decided to try to write a post on a weekly basis. Well, I have failed miserably and it is ages since my last entry. I blame a virusy computer and children being off school for holidays. However, I have not been entirely lazy and have been working on new jewellery. This mixed media brooch includes resin, enamel and rose quartz and combines my favourite jewellery making techniques. I am also experimenting with a new way (for me) of doing a brooch pin. So of course I've had to road test it myself, by wearing it as much as possible. It's holding up really well and I'm looking forward to making more like this in the future.