I have been learning my craft for approximately twenty years and see my development as a jewellery maker as a continual and long term process. Largely self-taught, adult education courses in London and Derbyshire gave me the silversmithing skills and confidence to experiment with my chosen materials and develop my personal approach to design.

Exploration and experimentation have been key to my development as a maker. Naturally inquisitive and fascinated by materials and their properties, I have been drawn to develop new ways of working with everyday materials. Following a move to Scotland in 2013, I took time to reassess my practice and really focus on my materials. This time to experiment was invaluable and I have developed a heat and pressure technique for fusing polypropylene.

My current work is a range of light-weight, wearable jewellery made from fused polypropylene, using a technique I have developed myself to combine and blend colours together. I work intuitively, with pieces evolving as I work on them. Living and working by the coast, light, transparency and reflection have become increasingly important in my work.

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